Making the Game Frame with Xion Headmaker (Written by Sinful Angel)

I take no credit for this tutorial as I’m just reposting an original tutorial by Sinful Angel she taught me how to make game heads all credit for this goes to her.  She no longer maintains her

Capture AV’s Three Programs

Download Capture It Download Av Bandit Screen Ripper

Adding Fonts to 4images for Download

Uploading fonts to 4images Step One: Create a font folder on your host for your font zip files. Step Two: Create the font image I use the size 300 x 80 and type the name of the

Making a 130 x 150 Background

Making a 130 x 150 Background I first start out with a texture for the base I used this texture and resized it to 130 x 150 Resized Apply Tonal Contrast with the below settings (Highlight +30,

Painting Asylum Tall (130 x 150)

Increase color depth for PSPx3 for PS you change to RGB Blank Asylum Background Increase color depth for PSPx3 for PS you change to RGB You’ll Need Nik Color Efex Pro 3 (Make sure under settings you

Debug Chat

  Step One: Make sure you have permission as admin to make the changes. Step Two: Open the vplaces.ini. (Open with notepad) Step Three: Find this line – MaxEmoticonsPerLine=5 and Paste this right after – IsDebug=1 Save

Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 – Setting Up Av Capture

How to setup screen capture and use screen capture option: (To see the full size of image click on the image) File > Import > Screen Capture > Setup On the capture setup click Object – Select Hot

Game Head Sizes

  VP Chat Game Head Sizes Regs – 48 x 64 Mega – 102 W x 116 H Ultra – 150 W x 150 H Mini Mega – 70 W x 83 H Giga Head – 200