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001Nightmare on Elm Street 002The Cemetery 003The Amityville Horror
004The Asylum 005Texas Chainsaw Massacre 006Monster Trivia
007The Morgue 008The Exorcist 009Padded Cell
010Friday the 13th 011Movie Mask - Trivia 012Poltergeist
013Dungeon 01415 Scariest Horror Movie Themes - Trivia 015The Conjuring
016Scarecrow 017Hellraiser 018Woman Killer Trivia
019Frankenstein 020Ghost 021Jaws
022Top 100 Horror Quotes Trivia 023Witches 02413 Ghost
025Ouija Board 026Rocky Horror Picture Show 027Creepy Doll Trivia
028Silence of the Lambs 029Demons 030Candyman
031Halloween 032Serial Killer Trivia 033Cujo
034Thriller 035Day of the Dead 036Saw
037Night of the Living Dead 038Human Centipede 039Ghostbusters
040The Shining 041Elvira 042Child's Play
043Horror Clown Trivia 044Insidious 045Se7en
046Rosemary's Baby 047Name the Movie Trivia 048Alien
049The Fly 050Carrie 051Scream
052Horror Movie Quotes Trivia 053 Re-Animator 054Psycho
055The Birds 056Movie Quotes Trivia 057The Werewolf
058The Mummy 059Creature from the Black Lagoon 060 Movie Tagline Trivia
061Pet Sematary 062Cape Fear 063The Grudge
064Movie Tagline Trivia 065Children of the Corn 066Silent Hill
067Misery 068Horror Movie Trivia 069 The Strangers
070 Trick or Treat 071 Invasion of the Body Snatchers 072 Movie Trivia Multiply Choice
073IT 074Phantasm 075The Munsters
076Halloween Fun Facts 077The Addams Family 078Dracula
079The Omen 080The Conjuring 2 081 The Invisible Man
082 Ghost 083 Ghost Ship 084 30 Forgotten Horror Films
085 Beetlejuice 086 Magic 087 1408
088 Halloween Movie Trivia 089 Grim Reaper 090 Fright Night
092 Evil Dead 093 10 Real Ghost Haunting's 094 Sleepy Hollow
095 Devil Rejects 096 Paranormal Activity 097 Nightmare on Elm Street Trivia
098 Blair Witch Project 099 Cloverfield 100 House of Wax
101 Vincent Price Trivia 102 From Dusk till Dawn 103 The Collector
104 The Entity 105 Name the Terrifying Villain 106 Jeepers Creepers
107 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 108 Last Man on Earth 109 Real Haunting (Thoroughgood's House)
111 Ghostbusters 3D 112 Ghostbuster 1 & 2 Trivia 113 Blade Trilogy
114 The Ring 115 Ohio Penitentiary 116 Win Halloween Avs & Bkgds
117 The Fog 118 The Devil Inside 119 Haunted Cedar Grove
120 Win Nightmare on Xmas Treats 121 The Night of the Hunter 122 Constantine
123 Alcatraz 124 Horror Movie Trivia 125 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
126 Drag Me to Hell *New* 127 Lizzie Borden Haunted House *New* 128 Ghost Hunting Definitions *New*
129 The Craft *New* 130 The Devil's Advocate *New* 131 Eastern State Penitentiary *New*
132 1980's Horror Movie Trivia *New* 133 An American Werewolf *New* 134 Christine *New*
135 Villisca Ax Murder *New* 136 Headless Horseman *New* 137 The Last House on the Left *New*
138 Don't Breath *New* 139 Danvers State Insane Asylum *New* 140 The Poltergeist Curse *New*
141 The Blob *New* 142 Tremors 1-5 *New* 143 Octagon Hauntings *New*
144 Hotel del Coronado Hauntings *New* 145 Crimson Peak *New* 146 Cabin Fever *New*
147 Kenmore Plantation Hauntings *New* 148 Chelsea Hotel Hauntings *New* 149 I am Legend *New*
150 You're Next *New* 151 Manresa Castle Hauntings *New* 152 Annabelle the Real Doll - Haunted Object*New*
153 Ouija Origin *New* 154 Dawn of the Dead *New* 155 Clown Statue *New*
156 William Kehoe House Haunting *New* 157 Resident Evil *New* 158 28 Days Later *New*
159 Slender Man *New* 160 Pirate House Hauntings *New* 161 The Babadook *New*
162 Copycat *New* 163 Urban Legend Bloody Mary *New* 164 The Stanley Hotel Hauntings - (Overlook) *New*
165 The Descent *New* 166 Bermuda Triangle *New* 167 The White House Hauntings *New*
168 Dibbuk Box - Haunted Object *New* 169 Krampus *New* 170 Urban Legend - The Hook *New*
171 Rose Robinson - Hauntings *New* 172 Lights Out *New* 173 Buffalo State Asylum *New*
174 Urban Legend - Don't Turn off the Lights *New* 175 The Myrtles Plantation Mirror - Haunted Object *New* 176 Nightmare Before Christmas *New*
177 Greystone Park Psychiatric Center - Hauntings *New* 178 Urban Legend - The Dead Boyfriend *New* 179 Ebay Painting - Haunted Object *New*
180 Stay Alive *New* 181 Gettysburg Battlefield - Hauntings *New* 182 Urban Legend - Hitchhiker *New*
183 Wedding Dress - Haunted Object *New* 184 Mirrors *New* 185 Bourbon Orleans Hotel - Hauntings *New*
186 Urban Legend - Babysitter *New* 187 Haunted Doll - Haunted Object *New* 188 Frailty *New*
189 Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Haunts *New* 190 Urban Legend - Killer *New* 191 The Anguished Man - Haunted Object *New*
192 Snakes on a Plane *New* 193 Franklin Castle - Hauntings *New* 194 Urban Legend - The Body *New*
195 Chair of the Death - Haunted Object *New* 196 Pride, Prejudice & Zombies *New* 197 New Orleans - Hauntings *New*
198 Urban Legend - Premature Burial *New* 199 The Women from Lemb Statue - Haunted Object *New* 200 Final Destination *New*
201 Woodburn Mansion, Delaware Hauntings *New* 202 Urban Legend - Bride & Seek *New* 203 Screaming Skull - Haunted Object *New*
204 The Boy *New* 205 Bachelors Grove Cemetery Chicago - Hauntings *New* 206 Urban Legend - The Russian Sleep Experiment *New*
206 Otzi the Ice Man - Haunted Object *New* 207 Sinister*New* 208 Resurrection Cemetery - Chicago - Hauntings *New*
209 Urban Legend - Baby Blue *New* 210 Crying Boy Painting - Haunted Object *New* 211 The Purge *New*

Thanksgiving Pages - 2015

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade Football Schedule Happy Thanksgiving

Christmas Pages - 2015

Krampus Movie New Years 2016

Holiday Inn Mary's Boy Child
Christmas Movie Trivia Scrooged
Frosty the Snowman A Christmas Story Trivia
Christmas in Connecticut Winter Wonderland
Elf Movie Trivia Sleepless in Seattle
Dulce Guess the Christmas Movie
Lethal Weapon Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
'Twas the Night Before Christmas Story The Little Drummer Boy
Santa Baby Scrooged Movie Trivia
Santa Claus is Coming to Town Rockin` Around The Christmas Tree
A Christmas Carol Let it Snow
Frosty the Snowman Little St. Nick
The Muppets Christmas Carol Christmas Wrapping
Bad Santa Little Drummer Boy
Home Alone Jungle Bell Rocks
Die Hard Driving Home For Christmas
White Christmas Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
A Nightmare Before Christmas The Christmas Song
The Santa Clause Christmas(Baby Please Come Home)
A Miracle On 34th Street I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
Love Actually I Believe In Father Christmas
Elf Do They Know It's Christmastime
A Charlie Brown Christmas All I Want For Christmas Is You
Dr.Suess How The Grinch Stole Christmas Merry Christmas Everyone
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Last Christmas
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation White Christmas
A Christmas Story Happy Christmas
It's A Wonderful Life Fairy Tale Of New York